Handmade Camouflage Fabric Vessel/Bowl (Light)

Handmade Camouflage Fabric Vessel/Bowl (Light)


Hand made vessel made with layers of cotton fabric pieces, over a mould, to form a bowl (fabric mache) This vessel is in a light, camouflage cotton fabric and measures, approximately: 32cm across and 10cm deep.

 (Size may vary slightly due to the hand made quality of each piece)

This vessel is coated with a clear matt varnish, which makes it easy to wipe clean. However it should not be washed or submerged in water.

This vessel is for decorative purposes and can be used to store dry goods. This is not a vessel that should be used for food storage or for eating from.

Item will be dispatched within 5 working days from receipt of an order.

There is a limited quantity of these vessels available, however this item can be made to order by contacting me through the contact page on this site.


Free Postage to United Kingdom. INTERNATIONAL shipping starts at £8.50

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